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Originally Posted by ignominious
C'mon, even I know that throwing money at a problem doesn't go away. It's what you do with that money and no, I'm not suggesting being nicer to them or giving them yet more money, I'm saying use that money to do something different. All to often programs and plans and projects are put in place with no consultation with the people that it directly affects and not giving them something that they want to care about.

Perhaps you should stop asking yourselves "what more do they want us to do" and start asking them what did they ever want us to do in the first place? Had we stopped trying to be clever and self-agrandising in the first place and asked this, then it probably would have cost a lot less money.
They lost track of what they wanted. Thats part of the reason why they're there. I've often wondered whether TV and a wide availability to beer is the reason for this. I mean if you were to ask some of these people, food, tv and beer might be the only things they want and personally I feel that there may be a large blame to be put on all of those problems on media. A world growing up into TV, being given the world with no need to get up and actually experience the world.

Maybe society didn't seem to have a need for them anymore. Maybe they just couldn't adjust to that. Who knows. All i know is you can see the hopelessness written on their faces.
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