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Pigmode is right: this belongs in another forum.

But, Pico Rivera and Boyle Heights had the same knid of crap in their neighborhoods, even worse. Concerned citizens got together and over a long perod of time were able to out-number the scum to make some improvements. Boyle Heights has the benefit of being within the city limits of LA, and has had a LAN project going for it. Rivera's business and political leaders worked together (somewhat) to bring some sorely needed economic changes to their city in the 80s and 90s.

An analogy: if you have a really crappy bike because you're broke most of the time and can't afford a new one, and the paint gets scratched, do you pay for a new paint job? Probably not. How often would you give it a tune up? Would you pay for new cables, or keep reusing the old ones? New handle bar tape? You'd fix the flat tires and that's about it. You'd probably even leave it in the rain and not give a crap about it.
But if a new friend invited you to go riding with him, then showed you a few ways to fix up your bike so it worked a little better, or gave you some of his spare parts or loaned you a few bucks, you'd start liking your bike better, taking better care of it.

Once a person sees that their home, school, neighborhood, town is cared about, generally speaking, they will start to care too.

But all we have are the generalities in life, no guarentees.
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