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Thing I learned growing up is that life does not give second chances. By that, I mean, once you quit, it's are not going to get back up, period.

No matter how bad life gets, no matter how downtrodden you feel, if you cannot get up, flip life the middle finger, and get on with your day, you are very close to that fine line.

What I mean by that, is that life is a struggle. There is nothing easy about it, and never was. A life without problems isn't even life at all, actually it would be need hardship to understand joy. And in this life, once employers and people brand you as a quitter, it's pretty much the end of your chances to land a good paying job.

The problem with many of the poor is they refused to struggle, therefore they never succeed, thus no joy. It's a downward spiral, which sadly ends in the death of one's passion and spirit.

I've seen some of the worst, I've lived in a neighborhood like one of those for a while. It was depressing in a way that is mind-boggling. Some of these people were incredibly intelligent, as much as any college student. However they chose to not get an education, and of all reasons because they felt that the entire world was as desolate as their ghetto was.

It's just beyond words...
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