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Originally Posted by TexasGuy
How have I failed? I pay 20+% to feed these people with social security, welfare, medicare, drug rehab programs, schools, teachers, etc. If it were up to me I'd only pay for national roads and put my tax money into my community and city, where I care about.
I mean ****, the more welfare you give them to "make" their lives easier, the more teachers you put there, the worse the problem becomes. Wake up people, solving the problem by being niocer, giving them more money, it's not worked for half a century plus. For some its not worked for a century plus. They're not getting smarter, They're not being patriotic, they're not caring for their children, their future, they're children's futures, their neighborhood. If something has failed so badly for so long, it's not going to solve the problem, and its not our fault that they gave up on life. They were that way a long, long time ago. I would put more blame on the schools then I would put the blame on anybody else, but ultimately it goes down to the parents.
What more do they want us to do ?
Just today these are the cars they had,a Lexus RX300,03 Altima 3.5,bmw 325xi, 05 Grand Cherokee,a hot 66 bug,old saturn,even older VW,new pathfinder,62 chevy belair. These parents picked up there kids from kindergarden and everyone of the kids had a free lunch from the form the parents fill out saying they didnt make enough money to pay for it. We have a total of 1250 students. Wanta know hopw big our pta is,ZERO. The parents dont want to do that,its all up to someone else.
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