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Originally Posted by TexasGuy
And they don't care to make their neighboord a better place, instead they choose to trash it. They don't care to make their children better people, and so their children run all over the place doing whatever they want. And then the overall value of the neigbhorhood drops and more people just like them move there. And the cycle just grows, year by year, and eventually generation by generation, all because these people stoped caring and stopped growing.
My wife and I participate in a tutoring program that put us in some of the most impoverished parts of OKC. TexasGuy, you've hit it right on the head. They don't care. The more we get to know the kids and their families the more we find that they don't care about improving their way of life. Anything that involves effort, like cleaning the house or the neighborhood, or going out and getting a job, they want no part of. And the kids are learning that this is the only way of life. My wife and I are getting really frustrated that the efforts of the group we're working with can't make a dent in the values the kids are being taught by their families. It's really sad.

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