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Really Stupid Biffs

What is the dumbest biff you've ever done. I have just done mine. I was riding through a totally flat parking lot after dropping a disposable camera off at a film place. I was riding through the lot and there were some wet spots. I was going to "manual" over them. Like ride a wheelie but not pedal. Anywho, I made the first one no problem, of course. It wasn't to hard. And then there was another one. I don't know what the hell went wrong, but damn, it sure did. I pulled up and the bike twisted funny and I started turning. My body went flying and twisting and my bike just stopped. I landed on my left side kinda on my back. I slid for about 10 feet or so. I got a huge scrap on my left arm, my left shoulder, my lower left back, and my left hip. I couldn't even figure out how I did what I did, but I did it and it sucks. Please post yer worst but stupid, maybe even embarassing biffs. This is by far my worst one. Thanx.

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