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Bike Around Carroll County Iowa, the post ride report.

To shorten its name it is also called by the acro-nym B.A.C.C.I.

This was the 17th annual ride. It was this past Saturday June 14th, 2003. It started and ended in Graham Park In Carroll Iowa.

The route went through town to the Sauk Rail Trail then to Maple River, Iowa, this was about 6 miles. Now after Maple River is when the route went from the trail to the county and state highways and when the hills started. Nice rolling hills at that too.

From there is was through the small town of Maple River on to Halbur, Iowa, this was another 8 miles. Then it was on to Manning, Iowa, another 11.5 miles. (Notice how the distances between towns are getting longer and longer.)

In Manning was the Kinderfest celebration so I hung around for a little while and watched the fun and games, etc. Then it was on to Arcadia, Iowa, this was the longest distance yet of 14 miles. (Ok so these distances are not all that long, but it was all rolling hills.)

In Arcadia was their summer fest celebration. So I hung around there, enjoyed good ole small town Iowa food fun and hospitality.

Then it was onto to Breda, Iowa, another 10 miles, now the distances are starting to get shorter again. Then after that it was back to Maple River again.

Now at Breda me and a bunch of other riders decided to use the Sauk Rail Trail to get back to Maple River. The trick to this was this portion of the trail is crushed limestone. And yes I rode it on my recumbent. It actually did pretty well. (I'll post a thread on that in the recumbent section of the forums later on.) The reason I decided to use the trail was I was getting a little tired of climbing the hills. Oh sure rolling hills can be fun and challenging but after 50 or so miles of them it wears you out.

Back at Maple River it was back on the paved part of the rail trail to Carroll.

I started at 7:30 am and got back to Graham Park in Carroll at around 3:00 pm and I was was one of the first ones back in. I think others were having fun in the Kinderfest celebrations in Manning.

My wife our dog and I camped at Swan Lake State Park over the entire weekend. We went down on Friday evening and got home Sunday afternoon. It was a very pleasent and relaxing weekend for all of us.

For anyone who has never done this ride I recommend it. It is alot of fun. And camping at Swan Lake is nice too.

For those that have done it before what is your opinion of the ride?

Thanks for reading this report.

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