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Originally Posted by koffee brown

So why do the poor have to behave so fiscally irresponsibly?

That's why so many people are poor. I've seen friends and relatives that have no concept of tomorrow. If the money is there it is to be spent today. On what they want, not what they need. And if mom and dad are there to "help" them out, the problem is never corrected but rather reinforced. My Grandmother never did get her two oldest children to stop sponging off her; her grandchildren by them learned to do it, too.

Then there are people with too many children. Poor job skills. Poor work attitude, just plain lazy.

The poorest I ever was; I lived on $400 a month and $250 went for rent. That lasted for 6 months till I paid off a debt and then had $800 a month. But I know how to cook and can stretch a food dollar a mile; that's a skill many people don't have and they pay too much for their groceries.
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