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Originally Posted by bbattle
I think when I finally bought 10.3 the OS was up to 10.3.5(or something) and I was downloading 100's of MB's. Then I downloaded SP2 for my wife's computer but the first install crapped out and I had to do it all over again. Not a happy camper.

I like the fact that Apple makes the updates available on a timely basis and the fact that I can ignore the updates I don't want. I still remember when you had to go to the computer store to get updates on floppies. Back then, you could get the entire OS on a floppy. Good times.
You can ignore the updates you want?
I don't ever recall seing that option in the Apple Updater application I used. I like the option on Windows Update alot. I have a server that craps out on a certain security update and I don't ever want it to install (and it auto installed itself 3 times in a 1 week period and every time it jacked everything up) so being able to hide updates is extremely useful.
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