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Yes!!! I've done it again! I just got back from biffing twice more. The first one I was jumping this big dirt/grass mound. One side has about a 10" semi-vertical thing. I hit that with some speed and it makes a kewl launch ramp. The other side is pretty smooth with a nice slope for landing. It is really soft ground too, as I found out. I jumped it once with some sweet air. My dad was with on his new Mt. Bike. I asked him "How high did I get?" "Pretty damn high." he replied. Then I turned around and tried again. He said I hit the jump crooked and that lead to even worse. I flew off and landed on my back. It was sweet. It didn't even hurt. My wrist was kinda sore. But I got up and tried it again. A little later, we were going through a parking lot. There were two speed bump things. I hit one to do a bunny hop. When I landed, my right foot slipped off the pedals and hit the ground. It got dragged under the back peg and then my pedals came around and smacked my shin. My pedals have some nice sized spikes on them so it gave me some nice slashes on my leg. All is well I guess. I can still pedal, and that's all I need to do. Now I am off to jump some more. I'm sure I wil be on later writing another paragraph about my next biff.

Instead of ride on, "Biff on!"

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