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Older Schwinn Le Tour Luxe

I just bought an old Schwinn Le Tour Luxe and would appreciate any links to more information about it.

It is dark grey, black lettering. The stamp on the bottom only reads 868A. And instead of reading left-to-right, it reads vertically, like:


I can't find any other stamps on the bike. It has a 4130 Chro-Moly sticker at the bottom of the seat tube. It has quick-locks on the front and rear wheels, with white-colored 1 1/8" gumwalls (instead of tan). It needed tubes, so I took the wheels off and they are SUPER lightweight. I think they're aluminum, but I'm not sophisticated enough to know. They're running relatively true (a mm or two off).

Aside from the quick-lock, the front wheel has these two wierd springy-tab-like-things with small notches that clip onto small posts on the front fork.

I was looking for a parts donor for my early-80s World, but I think this will become my main bike. After I put in new tubes, freed up the stuck links in the chain, and readjusted the brakes, I took it for a shakedown ride. It is WAY fast!

It also has a rearview mirror mounted to the left brake lever cable. Pretty sure its aftermarket, but just in case its not I thought I'd add it in here.

Can anyone tell me more about the serial number, the year, where it was manufactured, etc.? Thanks for the help.

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