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Just Not Feeling Up To Par

Hey folks.

This past weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I rode about 30-35 miles each day...I am used to this, but normally I skip days in between for recovery.

Today I gear up, hop on, and ride off...but for some reason, I just wasnt feeling like myself. I couldnt perform as well, I got tired more easily sprinting, and had back pains.

What could this have been from? a disrupted schedule? Maybe I ate too much before I went out? Not enough stretching?(although I did the same as usual)...I just felt so slow.

I'm joining up with a team, and I am going to start racing SOON, so I want to get on a good schedule where I can do some fast solo rides, regardless of the road maybe having an incline or anything. Fixed, I could fly up hills like they werent even there, now it is alot harder for me.

I just bought a new racing bike and before that, all year I had been training on a fixed gear track bike. It is a hard transition from fixed to riding a road bike. My posture is a bit different, and I am told to SPIN and take advantage of the gears, but when I spin I FEEL like im not going that fast. Should I always be easily spinning? When should I be cranking harder gears(besides descents)? I am used to the momentum of a fixed wheel, keeping me going, but riding a road bike now , it is ALOT different, I find it harder to put the same power into the cranks.

Anyone have some answers for me!

Id appreciate it!

Thank you!
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