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FSA SLK flex?

I have been noticing some weird noise coming from my crank area for a while now... and it is starting to drive me insane. It is basically from the chain/chainring rubbing on side of the FD cage.... and then run the other side. It varies depending on which foot is pushing through the pedal stroke at that moment.... This happens most of the time when in my big ring under heavy effort, such as going up a hill or really pounding on the flats. It is worse when out of the saddle. I have looked at the chainring rotation with it on the workstand and it doesn't seem to be coming from a bent chainring. You guys think it's the SLK crankset or the bottom bracket area of the bike flexing?

Some details... the frame is a 2006 Specialized Tarmac Expert, SLK Mega Exo compact crank, Campy Chorus FD (standard double).

The BB area of the Tarmac is pretty beefy... and the test ride I did on it with the stock Ultegra parts (Std double) I don't remember hearing any rub in that area.... But that was several months ago so I cant be sure. I know the SLK isn't the stiffest crank in the world. I'm not a really big guy..... 180 lbs. Think my "twin pillars of pain" are flexing the poor SLK crank too much?
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