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The important thing is that you get a bike that fits you, and your riding style the best. If you are not going to be a full on MTB then you do not require one. From what you are describing a hybrid, or comfort bike is more up your alley which is what you choose anyway. I am familiar with the Diamondback, and for your application see nothing wrong with it.
It is also truw that if you wish to shed some weight off loose the reflectors all around. Loosing the wheel reflectors will also aid in the wheels rolling more round. They will not have a odd weight on it to do otherwise. The suspension seatpost is great if you value comfort to the extreme, IMHO with a spring seat it is not needed but you may see it another way. Anyhow it will drop some more weight, there as well. In the future think of adding toe clips. This will make peddaling more efficient.
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