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My left crank arm is tight.... I know because it was loose as hell just the other day. I really cranked down on it... just a bit more than the suggested torque this time, and put some locktite on there. I did experience my chainring bolts getting a little loose as well a while back.... a little locktite cured that as well.

My FD is shifting fine... I don't think it is it not moving full stroke. Remember, I have Campy so I have a lot of positions to play with to eliminate chain rub. This is different all together as I can see it happening when I look down.... right at the chainring.

I'll fiddle with it some more tonight, just to make sure it isn't something obvious I've missed and can fix. Then it's gonna go into the shop. I've honestly not been impressed in the least with this crank. I got a good deal on it and decided to try it out on this bike.... Between stuff coming loose and some problems I had with the bearings early on.... I'm about ready to toss it. I'm trying to hold out until 07 Campy stuff comes out.
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