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UGH!!! I think I'm done with this crank. I know some people have had great experiences with it.... but I just about pulled out the sledge hammer on it today. The chainring bolts were a little loose again.... this is after putting locktite on them. I took it to the shop today (after tightening the bolts) They said the chainring isn't bent... and they played with the FD for a bit to make sure that wasn't it. I took it outside and it did the exact same thing... rub.. rub.. rub... with each pedal stroke. One of my buddies form the shop rode along next to me and confired I wasn't making it up They couldn't see anythign wrong with the crank... and said they couldn't imagine that my frame is flexing that much. One of the guys there has a Tarmac Pro (same frame) and is MUCH stronger than I am... he hasn't had any of these issues. I rode his bike and sure enough.. no rubbing. Maybe I just got a bad crank... who knows... But I just can't see keeping this piece of junk.

Arrrr..... what to get then? I wanted oh so bad to hold out until the new 07 Campy stuff comes out. Here is what I currently run; 11-21 for flat races, 11-23 for hilly races/rides, and a 12-25 for centuries. I love the versitility of my compact...... I hardly ever get out of my 50T. I'm thinking of just getting an alloy Record or Chorus crank to put on the bike until new stuff comes out. That would mean putting up with the gearing of a std double.... and giving up my 50T. But, I think I could manage on it for a few months. The alloy cranks are dirt cheap from several vendors in the UK and EU. I have an older FSA gossamer compact that never gave me problems... but I can't stand putting something HEAVIER than what I have back on the bike What to do... what to do....
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