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<<Hello forum readers and posters! first let me apologize if i have the wrong forum, I couldn't decide if I should post here or the casual rider..

I am new to bicycling (tho i'm 24 i rode as a kid) and What my goal is to get some excercise.. I spend too much time in doors, so what i will mainly be doing is street riding.. I will probably on ocasion go over bumps and into some dirty/ small rocky trails.. nothing big or bad.. Anyways thast why i decided its a mountain bike i want.. (as well as a good 21 different gear positions).. Please excuse any mis used termonology i use as i'm new!

Here's my current situation, i went out and paid 229 for a diamondback comfort Wildwood 02 bike.. >>

My advice is cheap but is based on 60 years of living. Use what you have until it won't do what you want. There are tons of better bikes out there and there are many who want to tell you that you can't use what you already have. But look what you said --- You are new to biking (don't really know what works or not, what you want to do with it, whether you will stick with it, etc etc.) You are already over your budget (so now you want to spend even more?)

Get out an ride. ride. ride. Enjoy what you have.

Just my thoughts
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