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Blisters and calluses... prevention, treatment, cures?

My once beautiful soft hands (lol) are now rough and hardened because of riding (mainly because of trials than other riding for obvious reasons) so what can I do about it, its a problem to me because it hurts and its uncomfortable but its also for aesthetic reasons (judge me all you want... I want to take care of my body ). What can I do to prevent blisters and calluses? Are well padded gloves enough, I used to have Specialized XC Long gloves which sucked but my Fox Sidewinder are coming soon but what can I do to cure the blisters and calluses, ice? soap and water? pumice (or other exfoliants)? grinding the calluses off? cream (the moisturizing kind)? ointment? Once I do get rid of the calluses and blisters what can I do to prevent any damage to the skin of the hand once the first sign of new blisters and calluses appear?

Hmm, any skin-care gurus (otherwise known as dermatologists lol) here to enlight me on the subject?
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