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Thanks guys.. to answer about my vitals i'm about 5'7 and about 195 pounds..(trying to loose some of that weight)....

This bike i have now seems to work okay for me, Sure i can hardly make it up any hills right now, but i think thats partly cuz i'm out of shape and a little overweight not so much becuase the bike is 4 pounds heavier then the model at the nearest bike store..

Thats part of what i'm trying to find out tho, if buying that 4 pound lighter bike will make it easier for me to enjoy riding.. My cousin who was giving me advice was greatly advising me to get the trek or other bikes becuase they are lighter, have better parts, and will make my enjoyment of riding even more (saying things like i'll go faster with a lighter bike and have more fun not having to work as hard to get the bike moving as fast since its lighter)..

The clicking problem on this bike is making me a little weary about my purchase.. If i have to take it a bike shop and pay 40 bucks to get it repaired then i might as well cash it in and buy the more expensive bike since it was about 40 bucks more expensive..

The bike we looked at , at a local store was the TREK 4100 i think, it was 279.99 not too bad of a price, not sure what the difference is under the 4300? which is 319.00 still again more and more money.. it doesnt list their weights tho..there is some 'specialized' brands here that i didnt neccessarily notice when i went in...

HEre's the link to their webpage http://www.greggscycles.com/bikes.htm
I hope its okay to post links, i'm not advertising i'm kind of asking what you guys think on their list is best to get for around/under 300 bucks.. When i sat on a medium 18 inch gary fisher bike it was touching my crotch area so i think that might be a little tall for me?

EDIT: the above link just links to all their bike types, i was looking under the mountain bike with front shocks (no rear).. and i also noticed their comfort bikes section.. I guess it would seem stupid to take my bike back for a comfort bike of another brand, but maybe that would be worth it too? After looking at some of the mountain bikes i kinda dont like how far foward the handle bars seat you.. I dont want to have back or neck aches after riding..

I guess more advice is needed as what i may be after.
Another thing about my current bike i dont like is that after i adjusted the neck/handle bars it now makes creaking noises when i'm putting torque on the handle bars (standing and pedaling hard).. which is another reason mayeb i should get a higher quality name/brand.. ie trek or specialized instead of diamondback.

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