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WANTED: 2007 Specialized Lineup Pics

I've decided to get myself a better bike at the end of this month or early July, and i've been looking at the 1000 dollar (cdn) range.

The bike that fits my needs and budget the most would definitely be the Rockhopper Comp Disc, but the frame looks outdated (plain with 'punk' logo) compared to say, the p2/p3 (I would get one but they're not for me, i'm an all-mountain/xc guy) or the current Hardrocks (specifically comp disc in army and the pro disc in silver/black).

I saw an article about the new 07 Demos, but so far no other bikes from Specialized have come out on camera yet...

When does Specialized (or any other bike manufacturer) usually release their next-year lineup? I really want to find out a.s.a.p. so I can decide whether I should get an 06 now or wait for a better lineup... I've seen the new demos and the black/orange splash looks utterly amazing... if I got a RH right now it would really suck to see that kind of design going on next year's RH's.

Also, not so related to the thread title, but which one, in your opinion looks better? RH Comp disc in dream punk (pics by flak in one of his threads) or matte black (high-res pics, Chone owns one). I really can't decide between the two. Oh yeah a word of caution: the silver on the dream RH never looks as good in pictures as it does in real life... there's kind of a rainbowey effect and different shades of silver that can't be captured by flak's camera lol.
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