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Conquering fear?

I had a ten-speed as a teenager, never a long-distance cycler, I recall I never got past grinding those gears, and prolly never used more than three gears routinely (not nec. three neighboring ones, but a 3- or 5-speed would have done).

Years later, I ??? borrowed or bought a used bike, and the first and only time I rode it, I ran alongside a driveway cut in the curb -- i.e. about an inch/inch-plus ridge -- at an angle the bike couldn't jump but didn't deflect either... toppled me and I still have a [faint] scar where I skid along the concrete on the back of my right hand, flaying it. That was 1982.

Subsequently, maybe early-mid '90's, I was goaded into riding my DSM's (stepmom's) bike on a maybe 6 mile round trip. I clung to the handlebars and never lifted my eyes from the pavement just ahead of me. Afterwards, I admitted to her that I had been scared to death, and she tried to reassure me... but it was "only" on vacation and returned to the city never to THINK of riding a bike... until know.

Read last week's Business Week's feature on folding bicycles, and so did my husband. Surprised me by saying he wanted to get one and start "riding to work". So here I am, doing the research and looking to get myself one too.

Is it totally uncool to get off at city corners, push the button, and walk the cycle across in the crosswalk?

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