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Once you get settled in defiently go by recycles on Cary St. and introduce yourself. It's a couple of the cutthroats that own it( Evan and his gf Aaron) and all cool kids that work there. Aggees in Carytown isn't bad but not great either. Aggees on Broad St. is aweful. Rowletts is good for FG/SS stuff and Braden can be an ass but once you get to know him he's a good guy and fairly knowledgeable. Wednesday night at 8 there is a ride that leaves from the compass point at shafer court(VCU dining hall). Every other Sunday at 2 or 3 there is a sprint club race(google RVA Sprint Club) that leaves from Holly St. Park. The guys who ride bikes(bike scene if you will) are all pretty good guys and all tend to know each other. And the Cutthroats throw awesome parties.
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