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Sorry to rivive this thread, after spending a few hours at the bike shop.... I found that a mountain bike was pretty uncomfortable to my wrists area after about 2 or 3 minutes, they got very fatigued, i realized that after a while of riding this would probably diminish as i built up a resistance i think i've decided to get either a hybrid or a comfort bike..

I'm eyeing the 7200 which is alot higher in my price range then i wanted to go (they have it for 379.99 is this an okay deal?) its the 17.5 size and it has those bigger tires that are thinner almost like a roadbikes, and they are alot higher air pressure.. I found that i could feel the road more with this bike, but i also found that with coasting alone, it was able to go much farther then a mountain bike, and at least measurably farther than a comfort bike.. i'm just not sure if its worth the extra 150 bones for this bike over say .. a ... specialized expidition cro mo they had on sale for 219.99 (from 260.99) or the 60 bones more than trek navigator 200....

The ride seemed a bit smoother on the comfort bikes, as well as they are cheaper, tho i think they have more of an old huffy bike feeling with their very high handle bars.. where as the 7200 feels a tiny bit lower / closer to a mountain bike file, while still having a pretty upright riding stance..

your opinions on these bikes? is the 7200 gonna be that much of a faster/further/easier ride than the 2 comfort models i mentioned? (they had a navigator 300 but it was 399.99 and i didnt really feel it was worth the extra money over the 200)..

Thanks you guys i Really appreciate it!
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