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Northside is also pretty nice, a bit more laid back than the fan or Oregon hill. The lower fan is pretty much the VCU student ghetto... Bellevue (northside) is very calm, and has the little MacArthur strip, just a neat little urban oasis. Fan is just a quick shot down Hermitage, ballpark is close (you can see the O's farm team when they happen by), heck, it's RVA, as others have noted, everything is close. Except movie theatres, they're all out in the boonies with the thankful exception of the Westhampton, easy riding distance. After 20 years or more here, I can tell you horror tales about every shop in town (They're all bad), with the exception of Re-cycles. Jury's still out on them in my mind (too cynical after years of RVA shop garbage and abuse), but they're trying and are definitely headed in the right direction. Nice batch of people. Performance is too new to have much of a track record, but their manager gave me spectacularly bad and unasked for advice the other day, loudly proclaiming he was a "pro" mechanic, so I wonder. Though I do like their prices.

Most of the warehouse space is gone, converted to tres expensive condos. Years ago, I rented the entire top floor of the old Richbrau brewery building for a grand total of 150$ a month. Had a basketball court set up indoors, used to play beer bottle golf out the roll-up door... It's been converted to lofts now, and suspect that the 150$ I paid might rent me part of a bathroom or closet now... the golden age of RVA warehouses is, alas, over. Milk bottle was the first to go. You might find some reasonable stuff across the Manchester bridge or something... parts of southside haven't yet undergone urban reclaimation.

Whatever, RVA is a great town. Takes a bit of figuring out and finding stuff, it doesn't come to you, but it's far better than its' reputation. And no one has mentioned the river yet. No other city I know of has one quite like it...
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