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Originally Posted by cydewaze
Sometimes I ask myself that very same question!

The thing is, while I do love to ride, I also love to tinker, and I tinker with everything. If I'm not tinkering with my road bike, I'm tinkering with my mountain bike. If I'm not tinkering with my mountain bike, I'm tinkering with my wife's bike. Or my spare bike. If I'm not tinkering with any bike, then I'm tinkering with my computer. More memory, faster CPU, whatever.

I stopped tinkering with my car because it got too bloody expensive. But I LOVE to tinker. And sometimes if I don't feel like riding (rare) I'll ride just to test out my latest tinkering. Tinker tinker tinker! I can't keep my hands off of things.

But now I have all my bikes the way I want them, and it's a bit of a strange feeling.
Oh man, you perfectly described me. I'm always modifying or dissasembling and reassembling things. There has to be a Tinkerers Anonymous.
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