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Originally Posted by Bob Ross
Well, are you a cyclist or a cycle builder?

I understand the urge to tinker all too well: I work as an audio engineer, and I swear I probably spend more time upgrading gear, performing maintenance, building/installing/evaluating new equipment, or just plain futzing around with stuff, than I do recording music! And that can be very satisfying in its own right; both are valid & necessary tasks, I'm certainly not being judgemental about the cyclist versus cycle builder thing. But when I got involved in serious cycling I realized that it could become *very* easy for me to slip into a similar mindset, where it became more about the gear than it did about what one does with the gear, and I knew that for me that would've been disasterous: I don't need another obsession where I tinker, I already get that from my work! I got involved in cycling to ride the bike, period. I want to keep it that way.

So if you like riding, and your bike is "pretty much exactly the way (you) want it" consider yourself one of the lucky few, and go ride! Enjoy!

And if you like building bikes, admit to yourself that you do, that there's nothing wrong with that, and that it is a valid and worthy pursuit...and then go build up another bike! Enjoy!

That's a common disease among audiophiles; listen to the equipment and not the music coming out. I'd catch myself doing that years ago, particularly after listening to some top dollar rig at the store. My amp. just couldn't reproduce the bass notes with the same authority. Or was it the cables? Some people get so bad they can't listen to anything except maybe a handful of super-recorded stuff, everything else they just can't stand. (like original Led Zep albums vs. the remastered ones).

Cydewaze, if you must tinker, build bikes for your relatives, neighborhood kids, coworkers, or even people that would pay you. I am buying bikes for all my granddaughters as they get old enough to ride, my stepdaughter, my wife, and of course, me. I bought a bike 6 weeks ago and still have a month of hiding it before my oldest granddaughter gets it. It's driving me crazy! I want to give it to her right now. And the 5 yr. old I want to buy her this cool lowrider bike but my wife won't let me. I just can't have any fun no more.

I understand what you're going through but try to channel your energies in positive ways lest you succumb to the Dark Side and start riding a recumbent.
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