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Yes. I'm now back in decent condition. I went riding again and was doing some jumps. Nothing special, just jumping. It was fun being back on. And the place where I "jump" right now is by a paved walking path. There is a huge mound right next to it. On one side, there is a decent but sorta steep slope. At the bottom is about a 15 foot gap in between this little pile of concrete things with a little pile of dirt on it. It is perfect shape and all, just a little soft. The first time I tried, it was really bumpy going down and I stopped before I made it to the jump so I didn't biff. The second time, I made it to the jump, but didn't go over. I'm gonna smooth everything down before I actually hit it to fly. Once I do, it will be great. It's pretty sweet here. I was in study hall the other day and this kid was talking about getting a skateboard. I was with two kids I knew(sorta) and one I didn't really know. One of the two I knew was talking to this other kid. He said "This kid makes dirt jumps and then kills himself on it." Talking about me, of course. It was pretty kewl. Ya had to be there.

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