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Wow, it's nice to see a nice rva representation on the boards..I relocated to Cincinnati after attending school at VCU for two years and then moving to Louisiana for a year (I got mixed up in bicycles somewhere in between). I'm coming back for parts of'd be nice to meet some of you guys. Who knows maybe I know you and don't know it or something. If there is a ride on wednesday the 5th I'll sure be there, bike in hand.

That being said, Oregon Hill is tits (there's even a cowboy Junkies song by the same name). Close to the river and the cemetary, has a sort of white-ghetto-chic thing happening. very close nit neighborhood with an active association...I mean some of the families have lived there since the civil war.

I used to think richmond was hilly until I moved to can't get anywhere without sweating up here.

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