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Originally Posted by kunsei83
People always say that the expense of their bike is much more than their ability. i.e. overweight old man riding a $5k bike. So, I was thinking, what would be the least amount of money needed on a bike to compete well in a cat. 1 or 2 races? I say about $1000 with 105 components.
Well, as the saying goes, its the legs and lungs, not the bike. I'd guess that if someone with Cat. One legs and lungs had a $1,000 bike with 105 drivetrain, put on a carefully selected $300 pair of wheels, $100 for tires, and had the bike carefully tuned and set-up by a first-rate tech, he would be good to go. Under $1,500 total.

For the same $1,500, someone could buy an "elderly" Dura-Ace level bike, true the wheels, tune it up, and be just as well equipped as a guy on a $4,000 "brand new" bike.

However, if the race consisted of one hill climb, followed by another climb, with more climbing to come after that, the guys on the 16 pound bikes are going to have a slight advantage. That edge might only be twenty or thirty seconds, but in racing, thirty seconds can be the difference between finishing first, and finishing at the back.
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