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Bike accessories at Walmart: some may be worth buying.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday, and I checked out the bike display. I noticed that there were a few bike-related items for sale there. So I thought I'd mention and discuss them. Generic anti-Walmart rants should be posted to alt.walmart.die-die-die or somewhere more appropriate.

1. Bell cyclocomputer (~$10). How can you beat a $10 speedometer? Seemed to have all the functions of the typical $20-30 Nashbar cheapie. One version was even available in a number of colors.

2. Bell multi-tool (~$13) Gigantic multitool. Two-piece design like a Topeak Alien. Not bad price, but I'm not sure how reassuring having a Wal-mart multitool would be in an emergency situation.

3. MTB slicks. ~$10. Probably the equal of a $10 Nashbar MTB slick, but at least you don't have to pay shipping.

4. Locks. They had a lot of locks. Some were probably competent, but I was eyeing a $3 (!) combo-lock chain. Seemed like it would be handy to leave on the bike for those "just in for a minute" gas station stops.

5. Don't remember the prices on the other stuff. Patch kits, horns, helmets. Probably passable quality with OK prices. No good mirrors that I saw.

6. Oh! Brake AND derailleur cables, with housings, for $4 or so for the whole kit. Much cheaper than the LBS, but they didn't look teflon-coated... Probably appropriate for that junk store beater you really don't want to ride anyway.
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