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Originally Posted by Coyote2
"Wal-mart sucks."

There's an articulate critique. Can anyone tell me why it sucks? Don't get me wrong -- I am not a huge fan of Wal-mart. I just think that we need to state some legitimate reasons rather than that they're "too big" or "too cheap."
1. They source most items in China, and have put US industry out of business.
2. They are famous for not paying manufacturers in some latin-american countries.
3. They are strictly anti-union, and will fire anyone who tries to even hold a meeting.
4. They open in a local market, and undersell to put other stores out of business, then jack up prices once they are the monopoly.
5. They are being sued by over 40 states for failing to pay overtime and wages to their workers.
6. They expect workers to go on welfare for medical coverage, they do not provide medical coverage for their workers, which means taxpayers subsidize Walmart.
7. They have huge, unsupervised parking lots that are now known to be the #1 common site of violent crime in the US, yet they refuse to security patrol.
8. They have been successfully sued for discrimination, as they do not have a single african american manager, yet african-americans make up a large proportion of their workers.
9. Despite the poverty wages, Walmart employees donated $260,000 to Katrina victims, ..the Walton family? $6500.
You can get all the facts, and many more here: