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Originally Posted by DocRay
9. Despite the poverty wages, Walmart employees donated $260,000 to Katrina victims, ..the Walton family? $6500.
Walmart as a corporation donated over $20 million dollars to the Katrina relief effort.


But (as the OP requested) this is not germaine to the discussion at hand. I've bought bike accessories at Walmart in the past, but have discontinued doing so. The tires I bought in the past seemed uneven in quality, and several were WAY to hard to mount on standard "vintage" 27" 10 speed rims. The LBS is a better source in general for small bits like cable housings and such IMO, although the cheapo Walmart stuff seems adequate enough for the average "bike-boom" bike of the 70's and 80's.

While I can't say I'll NEVER shop at Walmart again, the truth is I don't really like going there. Not for political reasons, but rather it is my perception that most items there are fairly poor quality. The fact is I have better sources for more durable items closer at hand.
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