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G'Day from another Canajun, eh!

Hello to all from Ottawa ON Canada - the bike trail capital of the world (arguably).

A bit about me:

I started riding a bit late - at about 8 years old I got a monstrous CCM baloon tired bike that weighed about 50 lbs. I swear it was made from cast iron! But once I learned, it was hard to get me off a bike. I've loved bikes since, learning mechanics from my Grade 8 shop teacher (thanks Mr. Mac!) I started working as a mechanic at a local sports store, working up to lead mechanic (and only mechanic by the time the store closed). It was a lot of fun, but very "meat and potatoes" stuff. Mostly cheap CCM and SuperCycle bikes in terrible shape (terminal rust and heavy abuse). Trying explaining to a parent why their kid's new bike, that has been smashed into a wall, will cost more to repair than the bike is worth - you get the idea...

In 1977 I bought my current ride - a Sekine SHS 271, for the princely sum of $175.00. It remains in mint condition and gets regular usage for lengthy rides. The bike has double butted CroMoly frame, Titlist shifters, Tourney brakes, Shimano QR hubs, and SR forged alloy crankset. I've added lots of upgrades over the years (cable systems, saddle, seatpost, Look pedals etc.) Sure, there are better bikes out there now, but we got some history! I'm thinking of giving it something special for its 30th birthday celebration in March '07.

This bike has seen varied amounts of usage over the years, but was in daily use until I graduated college. It was put away for a few years while dealing with kids and career, but with the inevitable 40 something health kick, I started wondering why the he** I was spending summer days in a gym on an elliptical when I could be riding the many (over 200 Km - 120 miles) great trails in the region. After a light tune up, my trusty Sekine was back on the road, and I've been riding again for a couple of years.

This summer, I'm planning on trail riding up to a campsite in the Gatineau Hills for my first overnight tenting ride. I will be swapping bikes with am MTB enthusiast friend for this offroad ride. The Sekine is a great ride, but the Araya alloy rims can't handle that kind of abuse without looking like a hardshell taco.

Looking forward to picking up some great tips in all of the forums here, and perhaps sharing some of my knowledge with all of you as well!

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