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Originally posted by Bikesick
Where do you guys come up with this stuff?? Remember the Post Office???? What the heck is that if not a government-run office. The USPS is an agency which the government has been trying to privatize for a long time, but has not been successful. Yes they compete for business, but they are fully subsidized by you and me........

And i think the critics have valid arguments.
I did some research into the taxpayer support issue and came up with the following information from the USPS (it's a pdf file):

"The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 created the Postal Service to operate as a public service in a businesslike manner without taxpayer support. It has generated its own revenues from the sales of stamps and related services without taxpayer subsidy for postal operations since 1982. Funding for some mail, such as free mail for the blind, overseas ballots, and the Free Mail privilege extended to military servicemembers overseas is reimbursed by Congress. Under the Homeland Security Act, the Postal Service received funding to support biohazard related detection and prevention activities. None of the security funding is used to support postal operations."

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