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Bikes: Still have a few left!

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On my 1st good job, I worked at North American Aviation from 1958-1965 at the Los Angeles Airport. One of my early duties was driving an electric powered flat bed delivery truck which could pull a string of flat bed cars (it was operated with 2 levers, 1 to regulate speed & 1 to steer). I delivered parts & blueprints to every building & department of the plant & I remember there were a number of bicycles in use around the factory. I was told they were from WW2 & had been made by workers in the plant. They were still in use. Basically crudely made bikes with roughly welded/brazed joints, not lugged. Single speed, coaster brake, balloon tire bikes. Most had a basket in front of the bars or on both sides of the rear wheel. Heavy as sin with many coats of red, yellow or blue paint. Definitely not built for speed. Don

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