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More Shimano 3 speed hub dating...

Recently I've found a huge ammount of 3 speed bicycles around the area, so I eventually came across three different Shimano 3 speed hubs on 3 different Huffy bicycles.

This hub came off a 1983 Huffy Sea Point:

It has a stylized "3 S" logo, is stamped "Shimano Japan" and has no cap for oiling the hub. (note, research indicates the capless 3 speed hub was introduced in the late 70s, and apparently the old style with the regular oil cap continued in production)

This hub came off of a 1975 Huffy Sea Trails:

It's got lots of logo work going on, as is plainly visible. It has a plastic cap for oiling the hub.

The serial number on this huffy was illegible, but it was obviously older than the other two bikes:

No fancy logos on this one. This also has cap for oiling.

So 1980's shimano 3 speed hubs have a "3 S" logo - 70's ones have a "3 speed hub" logo, and even earlier hubs will have "THREE SPEED HUB" simply stamped into them - newer hubs don't have an oiling cap, older ones do. The U.S. patent number on the 1975 and earlier hub dates from 1962 (I think). There is no patent number stamped on the 80's "3 S" hub.

Just a little history I looked up, the first Shimano 3 speed hubs were built in Japan in 1957 - they first showed up in the U.S. in 1961.

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