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I remember reading in a book from the 70's that Shimano was developing a 3 speed hub that was supposed to be lubricated for life at the factory - probably the ones without the oil cap are supposed to be those. You can however, remove the indicator from the end of the axel and put a few drops in that way if you're worried about it (I'm not sure how long shimano expected the "life" of the hub to be...)
I don't know what years they switched from which style to which, just that I found these three variations of shimano 3 speed hubs, on bicycles made in the years noted. I just know that by the 80s, the "3 S" cap-less hub was in use, that in the mid 70's the "3 speed hub" variation was in use (I also found this hub on a 70's AMF), and prior to that the hubs just had "THREE SPEED HUB" printed on them (this picture being of a "F" hub - anybody know what other letters there were, or what they meant?).
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