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half radial lacing on XTR rear hub


I am planning to build up a rear wheel for cyclocross using a 28 spoke xtr hub and open pro rim. I weigh 175 lbs. I was going to use half radial lacing, since Sheldon Brown's theory on why this is smart makes sense to me ( Then I remembered Shimano's warranty which is voided by radial lacing. Now I am not sure which way to go. Will they not honor the warranty even for completely unrelated problems, like the freehub mechanism breaking, when a hub was built with half radial lacing? Anyone have experience with that?

I would think that radially laced left spokes are under less tension than 2 or 3 cross right side spokes on a dished wheel, so Shimano's concern about hub flange breakage with radial lacing should not be an issue with half radial. But would they use that as a reason to void the warranty anyway?


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