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Originally Posted by gernot
i would think that radially laced left spokes are under less tension than 2 or 3 cross right side spokes on a dished wheel, so Shimano's concern about hub flange breakage with radial lacing should not be an issue with half radial. But would they use that as a reason to void the warranty anyway?
Tension and load are not the same? Tension is just a matter of turning the nipples a certain number of turns. So radial & crossed wheels are typically tensioned at the optimum amount for the rim, 100-120kgf. And load ends up being the same if you've got the same weight on the bike. A 400lb gorilla would load up each spoke in a 32h wheel exactly the same, regardless of lacing pattern.

Originally Posted by urbanknight
I've seen non-drive spokes break before, which makes me think that they still carry some of the torque (think about it, the gears are turning the hub, which turn both sides of spokes). For that reason, I cross both sides of my rear wheel. It may be far on the safe side, but it's only about 20 grams difference anyway.
Yup, both sides does take the torque, even though the right side may face more of it. With crossing on both sides, the right side may take 66% of the torque, while the left side might have 34%. With radial on the left, you'd end up making the right side take up 100% of the torque.
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