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Originally Posted by Al1943
Spokes with higher tension do less damage to hubs than spokes with lower tension. The lower tension spokes flex more. The thing about radial lacing is that stresses are carried directly toward and away from the hub whereas with tangential crossed lacing stresses are relieved on an angle and shared through the crossings. This is explained well in the Jobst Brandt book "The Bicycle Wheel".

I've always wondered if a 1-cross pattern could be the compromise that would preserve the warranty.

More clearly, the hub flange has more material to support tension tangentially than it does radially. The danger is that the spokes under high tension could deform the flange, cracking it and pulling out radially. If you look at the shimano hubs that ARE made to accept radial lacing, there is a lot more material outside of the spoke holes.

110kgf equates to ~220 lbs of force pulling on each spoke. If you look at a hub flange and think about having one of your 220 lb friends hang from a spoke hole, it's a little scary -- especially if they start bouncing on it.
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