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The grease that comes on a chain is Cosmoline, same thing in the door panels of VW's and other Euro imports, and the same thing they pack guns in for shipping overseas. Its a horrible substance, extremely sticky, and used to prevent rusting in transatlantic shipments. I always, always at the very least wipe the chain down with my lube of choice to "break up" the Cosmoline a bit, or sometimes I will go so far as to degrease the chain entirely and relube it with my lube of choice. I can't tell you how when I have taken the time to properly degrease and relube the chain how clean it stays. The difference is very noticeable. I had a Stumpjumper I raced/rode about 2,100 trail miles a year that I degreased the factory chain on, and it looked cleaner at any given point than the chain on my current road bike which I just slapped on and wiped down.
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