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Originally Posted by jack650
Hi, how do you "measure" the chain for stretch?

Also, I wonder if I'm doing an overkill: about once every 2 months or so, I've been running the chain through the degreaser and regreasing it each time. Is this too much? Thanks.
Chain stretch, take a measuring tape, measure off from the centre of one link 12" you should be in the centre of a link, if the centre of the link is more then 1/16th past the 12" mark, then replace the chain, if it's more then 1/8th inch, you have probably pooched the cassette as well

As for cleaning and relubing a chain, it depends on riding conditions, if you ride a lot on dusty or wet ground, then you probably need to do it fairly often. Look at the chain, if there is a lot of crap on it, then it's time to clean and relube. What I often do, on a Sunday afternoon, is give the whole bike a good wash, going over the chain with a good bio-degradable degreaser, and giving it a wash too. After cleaning the chain, but before relubing, is the time to measure it. While your at it, check the brake pads, if they are getting close to worn through, then replace those as well .

A clean chain, makes the bike easier to ride, good idea when you relube, wipe off any excess lube. It's probably not worth removing a chain for cleaning more then once a year, then you need to consider, is it worth the bother, to hear some people talk, you would think that a chain was more expensive then a full Campy groupo. The chain on my bike, costs around $15 to replace (same make and model), so it doesn't make much sense to spend a lot of time goofing with trying to extend the life of a chain.
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