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Originally Posted by 2manybikes
If she knows when to shift, then why does she need to understand all the rest?
Is that her idea or yours?

Don't bother teaching her
why just teach her how to shift at the right time. That's probably all she needs. Unless she is asking for more info. ?

Keep it simple. Shift one way if the pedals are too hard to push, Shift the other way if you have to pedal too fast. Right hand makes small changes, left hand makes big changes. The pedals have to be moving to shift but don't pedal hard when you shift. Repeat as needed.
That's what I did with my sister.

legs hurt more = downshift
lungs hurt more = upshift

big change = left hand
small change = right hand

Then once she's confidently running up and down the gears as needed, you can introduce the concept of prefering a certain range of cadences, or of upshifting when standing (on a climb), or other ideas to help fine tune the gear selection.
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