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Bonking is a common cycling term for a variety of symptoms caused by low blood sugar. One is said to have bonked if they experience:

Extreme Exhaustion
Mental Confusion
Being "Out of it"
Passing Out

A cyclist can experience any or all of these symptoms during the course of a bonk. The brain runs entirely on sugar. The blood stream has sugar for the brain, but only enough to last a few minutes. The sugar supplied to brain comes from the liver's production of sugar. When the liver is deprived of the energy required to make or convert sugar for the brain, bonking is the result.

Bonking is not just something that happens to new cyclists or even cyclists on long rides. Anyone can bonk at any time. The key to avoiding bonking is to continuously eat during a ride.

Some experts recommend eating something every 15-30 minutes depending on the length of the ride.What you choose to eat does not matter. It can be a sugar food, salty, anything... Some riders choose to eat fresh fruits or nutrition bars. The key is to eat. Try stuffing something handy into your jersey pockets or seat pack. It can make a world of difference in not only your performance, but your mental ability to ride.
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