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don d.
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It does seem like a marriage made in hell, but...

...IF Ullrich even stays with Bianchi, and there are no guarantees that will happen, and...

...IF Mercatone Uno and Bianchi get back together, Mercatone Uno is committed to Pantani, and Ullrich and Pantani do get along; Pantani was more than willing to ride this Tour with Jan, just for the chance to give Lance grief; and Pantani could ride for stages instead of GC while Ullrich rode for GC. Jan already has Casero who has won the Vuelta.

I'm not saying this is going to happen. I also don't think Bianchi is going to go it alone next year as sole sponsor. This year's solo sponsorship is a rescue operation.

I don't know if anyone remembers that Marcel Wust, the Team Manager for Coast, quit in protest after Bianchi took over because Bianchi "renegotiated" everyones salaries way down. So there could still be residual fallout from Bianchi's handling of this whole rescue operation . The whole situation there is not real stable.

I just saw an article and thought I'd stir things up. I wish I could find it now. :confused: