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I hate to say it, but the logic of your argument doesn't work--insofar as it applies to anyone. We could say that it takes L.A., Mayo, Vino, etc. to stop Ullrich from grabbing yellow. We could even say that these guys (and all of the other 160 riders) are all working to prevent Zabel from taking the yellow.

Despite what Vino says, it is pretty far-fetched to think that there is a real conspiracy against L.A.. Why should anyone help Lance (or anyone else for that matter), unless it betters their own chances?

L.A. may have made a mistake in saying (as he has all Tour) that Vinokurov is no threat. It remains true that Ullrich's comeback is stronger than many expected.

What a delightful Tour, though. It is going to be head to head right into Paris. Whoever wins it will have truly deserved the glory.

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