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Originally posted by jmlee
I hate to say it, but the logic of your argument doesn't work--insofar as it applies to anyone.
Nah. I think it's still everyone against LA, at least until they see him truly crack. It's not quite as polarized as it was prior to the ITT. From online coverage, it sounded like JU & LA cooperated to limit damage from Vino, and hang on to their positions. Cooperation required by the moment.

Random thoughts:
If I were JU, there would be two scores I'd want to settle. I think he's already taken care of the first one. Mr. Godefroot, kiss my saddle sore covered @ss. The other one may come Monday... I'd have been practicing my "look" in the mirror, and dying to deliver. Climbing with a slower cadence than anyone else, does Jan look tough or what? I hope the winter book contracts don't interfere with his training.

Vino remains amazing.

What is up with Saeco? Stage 13 they work like h#ll to drive the pace, and Gibo is nowhere to be seen. Stage 14, nary a domestique to be found, and Gibo takes the stage. What's that all about??? Maybe it's an Italian thang (he said, reflecting on some past Giros).

All that said, I hope Lance wins his 5th. For hard work in season, and off season. But if he doesn't, it will be because the best man won. I'm a perennial fan of underdogs... who's got the most aggressive jersey? Certainly, Vino deserves it. Or maybe a new one... biggest 'nads (no, I don't want to know what it would look like).

As Andrew Hood (who writes for VeloNews) says:

By the way, just a friendly suggestion, but you might want to call your cable supplier right now if you don't have OLN already... or show up with coffee and bagels at the house of the one buddy of yours who does. It's gonna be memorable.
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