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Originally Posted by *new*guy
First, don't be counting calories if you are just starting to increase physical activity. Eat a balanced diet with quality carbohydrates and adequate protein; ditching soda and other empty calories is a good start. Drink water all day. How much are you riding? Are you doing anything other than cycling? Do you have access to a gym? What are you hoping to accomplish? Set some goals to work towards.
Right now I'm riding 13-15 miles per day. I'm actually trying to work up to be able to commute to work, which that alone will be 15 miles per day (around 7 one way). I've pretty much cut out dark soft drinks, only drinking Sprite/7UP/etc when I do order one (just to keep things different).

I coach soccer, so I'll be back out kicking around with the kiddos in a week or two (tryouts are actually Saturday). The Division II soccer team will probably be asking me to play for them again this year, but I'm honestly terrified. Post-injury last season, doc had to reshape my feet with modified surgery, but said that if after 1 year, I still had problems running or playing soccer, that I may need surgery.

What am I trying to accomplish? I would say that I definitely dont care about getting "big" I just want to be fit. I'm going to set some cycling goals... like going from point A to point B without stopping. When I replace my 10 yr old wired computer, I'm going to set goals like Cadence AVG and etc.
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