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Originally Posted by timmhaan
often when i'm doing something specific (such as hill repeats, intervals, etc.) i have a certain number of repetitions in mind and i usually try to complete them all. naturally i start to get tired and slower toward the end. sometimes i get a little nauseous or light headed but i feel compelled to keep on.

however, is doing too much ultimately hurting my performance? for example, am i gaining anything by struggling up the hill at 25% reduced speed for the two reps? or am i just wearing my body down needlessly?

i know that more training isn't necessarily good training. but how do you know exactly when to call it a day and head home?
I think the answer to this differs a great deal from one individual to the next. An important question to ask is how do you feel the day or two days after the workout? If you are too sore to do your planned workout, then you probably rode too hard in the day or two before. If you are just recovering before your next workout, then I think you are doing it right.
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