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The thing is could Ullrich ride the Giro well enough to actually help Simoni and still ride the Tour. As I've said elsewhere I'm old school enough to where I think "champions" should contest the whole season. However, that day is passing.

I'm not sure the knock on Heras is completely fair. He's had some bad days this year no doubt but was crucial last year, riding Beloki down. Now if you're talking about LA not riding the Vuelta for Heras, I'll grant you that point.

Hunter, I'm in one of those professions (teacher) where a failed drug test would probably end my career. However, I remember what it's like to be young (it wasn't THAT long ago) and I'll congratulate Jan for moving past all of that and getting his life and career going again.

Beltran riding for Bianchi might have made a difference. He picked up for Heras who's had a bad Tour and helped USPS no doubt..
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